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Welcome to the Veronesi Research Laboratory

Brain Tumor Therapy and Diagnostics


With the goal to advance PET/MR Brain Tumor Imaging

Amino Acid PET/MRI

For Malignant Brain Tumors

Dr. Veronesi is privileged to be collaborating in a multi-institutional manner with several talented clinicians, scientists and coordinators within the Department of Radiology and physics to integrate amino acid-based PET into clinical care for patients with malignant brain tumors. These efforts have taken our institution beyond standard clinical practice and have strengthened radiology support for critical decisions in the management of treatment for our patients.

Clinical Research

Testing and validating PET/MRI techniques

Physicians and scientists within the Neuro-based specialties of Neuroradiology, Neurology, Radiation Oncology, and Neurosurgery are aggressively working to improve imaging and thereby extend the lives of patients with devastating malignant brain tumors. This initiative seeks to maximize multimodality imaging using PET, MRI, and CT for the collection of anatomic, metabolic, and molecular information about the treated tumor. These techniques are expected to increase diagnostic accuracy in the toughest clinical situations.

Preclinical Research

Theranostics combines Treatment and Diagnosis

Our research team includes cross-disciplinary expertise of faculty scientists who mentor research students to come up with the next new therapeutic or diagnostic technique. Topics of intense study cover a broad range and include nanomedicine, combination small molecule drug therapy, intranasal delivery, cancer theranostics, brain tumor model development, and imaging biomarker detection.

Science Student

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