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Preclinical Research

Finding new cures to diseases that are difficult to treat requires an entirely out-of-the-box approach. Our multidisciplinary approach for treatment of brain cancers includes nanomedicinal technology, an atypical route of delivery from nose to brain, and inclusion of a fully translational bench to bedside philosophy all within Imaging Sciences and theranostics. 

Nanoparticle Innovation

Our nanoparticle production lab focuses on novel techniques for production of biodegradable polymer micelles for dual drug loading and combination therapy against glioblastoma.


See our latest publication on CD133 labeled NPs Click Here.


Intranasal Delivery

Intranasal delivery is a promising alternative approach to treating cancer. One advaantage is the potential for bypassing the blood brain barrier to treat brain cancer which otherwise excludes most drugs given by other routes of administration. 

See our latest publication on intranasal delivery: Click Here.

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Brain cancer model development

An important reason most drugs fail in clinical transalation is because of lack of both in vitro and in vivo models for development and testing. We are developing a three-dimensional neurospheres and have developed and characterized a novel transgenic model of glioblastoma for live drug testing which is coupled with advanced imaging.

See our latest publication on GBM model development: Click Here.

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