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Lab Highlights

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Veronesi and team publish on clinical 18F-FET PET/MRI in JNM

Dr. Veronesi and a team of faculty and students recently had their latest manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine in Feb 2023 which is entitled "Hybrid 18F-Fluoroethyltyrosine PET and MRI with perfusion to distinguish disease progression from treatment-related change in malignant brain tumors: the quest to beat the toughest cases" This is the first report in the US of integration of 18F-FET PET/MRI into clinical care for brain tumor patients. 

MS2 Andrew Gauger and Dr. Veronesi to speak at ASNR 2023

Dr. Veronesi and team mentored medical student Andrew Gauger on an abstract submission to the ASNR entitled "Multi-threshold Mapping of 18F-FET PET Improves Tumor Detection in Primary Malignant Brain Tumor Patients", which will be an oral presentation. Dr. Veronesi will also give a talk within the Symposium Session: Innovations in image-guided therapeutics.  The title of the talk is “Intro to Theranostics: What is it?” 

Veronesi Lab publishes in Frontiers in Oncology

Dr. Veronesi and a multidisciplinary group of investigators and students recently published an article entitled "Use of multimodality imaging, histology, and treatment feasibility to characterize a transgenic Rag2-null rat model of glioblastoma". The publication features innovative work performed especially by first author Luke Jackson, who is now in medical school. Included is a simultaneous 18F-FET PET/MRI to characterize metabolic components of the tumor over time. Click here for the link to the article online.

Hanna Beaven wins Best Abstract Award at the AAPS 2022 

Undergraduate research student Hannah Beaven who is earning a dual degree in Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry earned Best Abstract Award at this year's Annual American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS) PharmSci 360 meeting under the mentorship of Dr. Sudip Das, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Hannah's project title is "Characterization of Aerosolized Droplets Using a 3D Printed Device for Small Animal Nose-to-Brain Drug Administration"

Dr. Veronesi and Dr. Shafique present Poster at SNMMI 2022

At this year's Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Meeting in June 2022, faculty Neuroradiologist Dr. Umber Shafique submitted the virtual poster presentation as first author and Dr. Veronesi presented in person in Vancouver, Candada as senior author on a project entitled "Preliminary impact of serial hybrid [18F]FET PET/MR perfusion on the management of patients with malignant brain tumors at a single United States institution." 

Luke Jackson Presents Poster at the AACR 2022

At this year's Annual American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Meeting in New Orleans, Louisianna, Undergraduate Student Luke Jackson who is majoring in Biological Chemistry and is a pre-medical student presented his primary research project entitled "Development of a patient-derived glioblastoma model in the transgenic Rag2 Null rat: In vivo imaging, histology, and combination therapy assessment.

Nathan Smith Gives Oral Presentation at ASNR 2022

MD/PhD student Nathan Smith who is currently in the Medical Scientist Training Program presented our lab's work orally at the Annual American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) Meeting in New York in April 2022 entitled "Hybrid 18F-FET PET MRI: Multi-modality feature analysis for post-treatment malignant brain tumor diagnosis at a US institution". 

Luke Jackson Wins Best Oral Presentation at the IUURC

At this year's Indiana University Undergraduate Research Competition in 2021, Luke Jackson one best presentation for his oral presentation entitled "Development of a resistant, recurrent, patient-derived glioblastoma model in a new transgenic rat, PET/MR imaging and histologic characterization."  We are very proud of Luke for representing our lab team in this university wide competition!

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